About Us

Growing up with parents who nurtured our fascination with 4x4s, it was a natural step for us to own our own rigs. You could say we’ve been around the block a few times, we’ve been members of and even ran or helped run clubs. With life changes, military, jobs, moves etc. we have for one reason or other had to move on, and are many rigs down the road.  We’ve had more than a few experiences where we’ve pushed, pulled, broke, winched, towed, and even rolled rigs, and our love for 4x4s has never wavered. Are we experts? Not by a long shot! There’s still plenty to learn, our thoughts are why not learn with friends?



2 Jeep JKUs sittin' at the Stonehenge Monument in the Gorge...


These days we might appear like a couple of run of the mill Jeepers, and truth be told, we are. We spend countless hours improving rigs specifically ours and we tackle a few other projects. We enjoy sharing our “sport & hobby” with others and like to see some of the ideas other folks come up with on their 4x4s.

No matter the brand or style of 4×4 you have, grocery getters, show & shine, pavement pounders, trail blazers, rock crawlers, snow wheelers, or side by sides all are welcome to join in the sharing and learning. You never know when you might wanna try something new, the one thing we all have in common is owning a 4×4, for whatever the reason. Jump on the forums and introduce yourself and your favorite 4×4, the forums cost nothing and you may make some new friends.

RattleSnake 4x4s is one of if not the only 4×4 club in the northwest that is inclusive of side by sides, we have a tendency to stick up for those kids that aren’t accepted by other so easily. So what are you waiting for the adventure awaits, climb aboard and let’s go have some fun.


RattleSnake 4x4s.